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Queen Mary has an enviable reputation for inclusion and was named the best university in the country for social mobility.  This is something that we want to build on for postgraduate students at CCLS. By participating in Giving Day, your gift will help talented students to have financial security, to allow them to complete their studies, preparing them to become some of the very lawyers of their generation. All donations, big or small can help make a difference between a student continuing their studies and reaching their full potential.

Case Study: Olivia Jean-Baptiste (Bursary Award recipient, Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2020)

What did you do before your studies at Centre for Commercial Law Studies?

The Summer before I began my studies at CCLS I graduated from City, University of London with an LLB Law degree. 

Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

As someone dedicated to exploring avenues within intellectual property, CCLS had an excellent reputation within the field and provided the greatest range of Intellectual Property (IP) modules. I was still curious about where I wanted to focus my learning and CCLS provided the breadth to delve into the fundamentals as well as the niche. One area that became of particular interest to me was Interactive Entertainment Law. 

How did you hear about the bursary on offer?

I believe I discovered this on the Queen Mary University website directly. 

How did receiving a bursary make a difference to you? 

I am extremely grateful for the bursary as it is very likely that without it, I would not have been able to undertake the course. The success I experienced: not only graduating from the LLM with distinction but also having my work published may have remained unknown to me. Ultimately, the LLM instilled me with a greater confidence in myself.   

Furthermore, this degree has been instrumental in forging the path for the beginning of my career. After my graduation from CCLS I worked as part of an Intellectual Property management team. Presently, I am studying the LPC to begin qualifying as a solicitor after being awarded a full fee scholarship.

What might have happened to your career if you did not receive a bursary? 

The bursary from CCLS certainly enabled me to continue the momentum from my undergraduate degree where my interest in intellectual property was initially sparked. Studying the LLM has allowed me to provide prospective employers with a tangible example of my dedication to IP practice.

What would you say to donors who are considering donating to the CCLS Bursary Fund?  

I would highly press upon the fact that you will be able to kickstart so many careers in which the only barrier to success is financial. The CCLS bursary has been invaluable for me in starting my career and I would hope that as many people as possible could experience the same support.

To demonstrate just how far your support can go, your gift of £50 when combined with Gift Aid and Matched Funding* will increase to £112.50. Of course, we appreciate any gift that you are able to make.

* Gifts will be matched up to the first £50,000 raised.

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