Roy Goode Scholarship Fund

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Roy Goode Scholarship Fund

By contributing to the Roy Goode Scholarship Fund, your gift will help talented prospective students to benefit from the experience that a year studying at CCLS brings, preparing them to become some of the very best lawyers of their generations. Your contribution, regardless of its size and when combined with the generosity of others, will provide life-changing opportunities for future CCLS students.       

Case Study: Nuel Oji (Roy Goode Scholar, Tax Law LLM, 2022)

Nuel Oji

What did you do before your studies at Centre for Commercial Law Studies? Before starting my studies at CCLS, I worked at KPMG Nigeria as a tax (deal advisory) associate for 2 years. Prior to KPMG Nigeria, I worked as an associate at a full-service commercial law firm in Nigeria for about one year.

Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

I have always been very passionate about tax, particularly international tax and tax planning. Given Queen Mary University’s unique Tax Law programme which offers modules on International Tax, UK Tax, and EU Tax, I chose to study at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies.

How did you hear about the Roy Goode Scholarship?

On 27th March 2020, I received an email from CCLS informing me of the Roy Goode Scholarship. Specifically, the email mentioned that the Roy Goode Scholarship would provide me with a full fee waiver to mark the 40th anniversary of CCLS. This was a rare opportunity for me as the scholarship had traditionally provided for a half tuition fee waiver.

How did you feel when you heard that you had been chosen as the Roy Goode Scholar?

I was delirious with joy! I had almost given up all hope that I would study at CCLS, as I did not have the funds to pay for my tuition. Coincidentally, I had contemplated sending an email to the University to decline my offer of admission a few days before the opportunity to apply for the Roy Goode Scholarship arose. Before I saw the email, I had unsuccessfully sought funds from private and public bodies and had decided that I would not be doing the masters programme in 2021.

What has been your experience of studying at CCLS?

I have had a fantastic experience so far. I have been privileged to be taught by some of the best tax lecturers in the UK and to interact with some of the best international students. Whilst the classes have been largely online, I have had the opportunity to network and make friends with some exceptional students. This has been the highlight of my experience at CCLS. I am really pleased to study at CCLS and would gladly recommend CCLS to any prospective applicant.

What are you doing now?

So far, I have been lucky to get a job at one of the biggest professional service firms in the world and the Roy Goode Scholarship was especially helpful in my interview. The interviewers were very impressed that I was awarded such a prestigious scholarship and asked me how I was able to achieve this. Indeed, in all my interviews at different firms, the Roy Goode Scholarship was a talking point.

What might have happened to your career if you did not get a Roy Goode Scholarship Fund?

I would certainly not have started my masters programme in 2021 and would have missed out on the opportunity to pursue my dream of being an international tax lawyer. I cannot describe how happy I am that I got the scholarship and how much easier the scholarship has made my studies at Queen Mary University.

What would you say to donors who support the Roy Good Scholarship Fund?

I would love to thank the donors for making it possible for me to achieve my dreams. I am immensely grateful to them for supporting the Scholarship and giving me the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers and students at Queen Mary University.

To demonstrate just how far your support can go, your gift of £50 when combined with Gift Aid and Matched Funding* will increase to £112.50. Of course, we appreciate any gift that you are able to make.

* Gifts will be matched up to the first £50,000 raised,

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